In this week's episode, D.J. talks with fellow therapist, Lisa Duez, of Virginia Beach, Virginia. Lisa works with children and adults in her private practice. She works primarily with women in recovery. D.J. and Lisa talk about the consequences of addiction on families; clients who present due to legal system involvement; and how to educate teens about substance use and abuse. As a therapist, we sometimes just want to tell people to "Stop," but we can't force people to stop addictive behaviors. Listen as Lisa and D.J. talk about what it means for them to be providers and holding space for clients who have to hit bottom before recovery can begin. "If nothing changes, nothing changes." - Courtney C. Stevens

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Hosted by D.J. Burr, psychotherapist and author of I Just Wanted Love: Recovery of a Codependent, Sex and Love Addict and host of the podcast Journey On: Men Healing from Sexual Abuse & Assault.


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